Customise authentication pages

Add custom messaging and colour schemes to the sign in.

Upgrade to our startup tier, or higher, to start customising your sign in pages.

To edit the customisation options for an app, visit the admin page for that app. You will see the following options if they are available:

You can set a colour to match your brand colour scheme, this will be used on all the buttons and highlights in the sign in widget. An optional welcome message can also be added, this can help set a feel for your application. Keep it light or serious it’s up to you.

Custom UI (Coming Soon)’s sign in widget is carefully designed to be clear and easy for your users to navigate. This focus on a simple clear design gets your users authenticated and using your site faster.

If you need more control you can call our widget API directly. This allows you to capture a user’s email address any way you want and in so doing create a custom UI. Get in touch with if you want to find out more.