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Venturemark Magic Invite Links Case Study

Venturemark is a platform for founders to engage their investors and advisors. It solves the very real problem of effective communication between founders and stakeholders.

Of course, this communication is sensitive and should be private so authentication is needed.

The key to effective, yet secure, communication on the Venturemark platform is frictionless authentication.

We’re all busy people but VCs live at the busier end of the ‘busy spectrum’. Anything that creates friction when authenticating is likely to result in frustration or, at worst, abandonment. To solve this problem Venturemark has embraced’s magic invite links.

On the Venturemark platform, the ‘hero user’ is the founder.
‘Founder A’ signs up to Venturemark and starts posting updates which they want to share with their investors and advisors.

The founder then enters email addresses for the stakeholders they want to engage and sends magic invite links to those people.

The magic link sent does three things:

  1. Signs up the new user (if not already signed up).
  2. Signs the user into a new session.
  3. Sends the user directly to the content they are being given.

No hurdles, no friction, no problem. If the user later wants to return to Venturemark to sign in, they simply do so using their email address.

“We aim to be the best way for companies to send updates regardless of fundraising portal. I’m sure you can imagine how valuable is in reducing friction.” Marcus Ellison, CEO at Venturemark.

“The team here at are excited about the value passwordless authentication adds to Venturemark’s brand and the role it plays in providing frictionless collaboration between founders and investors.” Richard Shepherd, CEO at

At time of writing (July 2020) Venturemark is accepting early interest from founders via a waitlist. It’s time to ‘turn your network into a problem solving machine’.

If you would like to find out more about how magic invite links can help reduce friction in your application please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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