About DID

DID was founded in 2019 by Peter and Richard. We are both developers from the UK but with different backgrounds. Peter has programming expertise while Richard is a front-end developer. We came together to create DID - our vision of passwordless authentication, here’s why:

Mission Statement:

DID enables websites to engage with users effortlessly.

To achieve this DID has engineered secure authentication that is faster and easier for users than existing solutions.



When users are offered effortless authentication they are more likely to sign in to your website, engage with your content and repeat. Authentication is one of the first interactions your users have with your business online so offering effortless authentication is important for creating positive customer experiences with your brand. By improving user engagement, effortless authentication adds tangible dollar value to website owners and creates tangible user experience improvements for your users.

How Are We Achieving Our Mission?

We have developed a secure authentication flow which takes the path of least resistance. DID is able to log a user into their account with just one click and no typing once their device is authorised. Device authorisation is also very quick and easy. DID offers your users email authentication the first time they sign up and when they can’t access a trusted device. Multi-device experiences are easily handled with QR codes.

Overall, effortless sign-up and sign-in makes engaging with your users much easier.

Start using DID’s API with just a few lines of code which is ready to copy and paste from our docs now. We reduce the overhead of developing authentication for developers by providing a complete authentication solution which you can get started with very quickly.

Secure authentication only remains secure when it develops and adapts to new threats. The team at DID are always refining the authentication flow to ensure it remains as easy and secure to use as possible. We take care of continued maintenance and improvement so you don’t have to.

Team DID

DID was started by cofounders, Peter and Richard so the world can #goPasswordless. We are based in the UK in London and we are working hard to deliver great authentication to developers, website owners and internet users everywhere.

Please feel free to say hi: team@did.app

The Future

Looking ahead, we aim to make DID the best authentication method online. DID users will be able to take advantage of logging into any website powered by DID with just one click even at sign-up (not just sign-in). This will drastically improve how businesses and individuals engage with each other online.