The fastest way to register new users with minimum friction.

Sign up new users with magic invite links.

image of an email depicting a magic invite link

Family & Teams

Automate easy account sharing for your hero users to onboard their co-workers, family or friends to your application.

Document Collaboration

Implement instant and secure document sharing with frictionless access.

Email Marketing

Prime your email outreach with magic invite links to register new users in just one click.

Awesome API

Check out our API for simple integration into your website, app or SPA.

Auth Stack Compatible

Use alongside or replace your current auth stack. Either is fine.


Your site, your design. Send invite emails and generate magic invite links using your own domain.

Supercharge Your Onboarding.

"Evidencing improvements in conversion rates and user experience has been invaluable. Thank you"

Curly Cottage Media Limited

"We aim to be the best way for companies to send updates. I’m sure you can imagine how valuable is in reducing friction."


"'s Magic Invite Links have significantly reduced the time it takes for our customers to register on our website."

Maenporth Estate

Magic Invite Link Use Cases


One click sign up via email. What better way to supercharge your conversion rate from waitlist to user?

Magic invite links are single use and both 'sign up' and 'sign in' the user.

Team Members

Your colleague signs up to example,com and wants all their co-workers to jump onboard. Well now they can in just one click.

Use's API to automate magic invite links.

Collaboration & Review

User A wants to share their work with User B but User B isn't registered in your application.

With a magic invite link, User B is not only signed up with one click but is automatically sent to the page of content being shared.

Family & Friends

Magic invite links are a great way to onboard family and friends to your application for easy sharing.

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